Tuesday, September 27, 2011

map it out

i have some sort of odd fascination with maps... though on second thought it might just be an extension of my constant wanderlust.

around every corner in amsterdam, for instance, i would walk into an adorable dutch shop and find (and subsequently fall in love with,) several dozen beautiful map prints. while those prints mostly depicted the romantic, dutch golden age of yore, there's definitely something to be said about more modern, "design-y" maps like these colorful silkscreens from These Are Things.

while i love the bold color of the "statement map" above, i think something more understated, with only a flash of optical excitement, like the central compass rose below, would be a perfect, mature choice for an office or den.

i also couldn't ignore the San Francisco neighborhood map, (don't worry, These Are Things also has prints of LA, DC, NYC, Chicago, and even Columbus!) partly because of my love for my city by the bay, and partly because it makes the visual thinker in me very happy. don't you think this could make a wonderful gift?? a print of the city a friend was born in for her birthday, or a print of the city a couple met in for their wedding??

Thursday, September 22, 2011

dylan's candy bar bridal shower

today i'd like to share photos from an event i've been ooh-ing and aah-ing over for some months now. (and after you see them, i'm sure you'll understand why.) this bridal shower, (which comes from the truly unbeatable martha stewart weddings,) is that of Dylan Lauren, owner of the world famous nyc-based store, Dylan's Candy Bar, and daughter of designer, Ralph Lauren.

keeping with what i can only assume is the theme of her life, style and sweets, Dylan's shower oozes with whimsy, color, femininity and overall delight. the party seems like it matches the bride-to-be's personality and lifestyle... and how could anything be wrong with that!?

strawberry chocolate bars (personalized with the couple's initials) served as the invitations to this sweet affair.

this pink, white and yellow candy tableau welcomed guests to the party.
and that mosaic heart backdrop is made completely out of gum!

spectacular candy (i know, right?) rings from Barcelona-based bakery, Escriba were displayed (alongside oversize ring pops!)

Dylan (second from the left) and her guests enjoyed an impressive pink D ♥ P candy display...

... and made their own individual "I ♥ Candy" favor bags.

lemon drops were served with candy swivel-sticks on a pink jelly bean-lined tray.
there was also a bubblegum martini option!

salty, savory fries lended a gastronomic balance to all that candy...

... but for the more refined palate there were caviar ring-shaped snacks.

guests wrote well wishes for the couple... with awesome personalized, gold pencils.

and as a finishing and cheeky touch Dylan gave each of her guests a jewelery box with a candy necklace inside

(all photos sparkling here)

Monday, September 19, 2011

the art-affectionado's ocd dream

in this project, The Art of Clean Up, Ursus Wehrli takes ordinary objects and "cleans them up," organizing them by size, color and type. this brilliant series follows on the heels of Wehrli's successful Tidying Up of Art and More Tidying Up of Art, in which he resituated well known pieces of art, like Van Gogh's "The Bedroom," and compiled the pictures into books.

it may just be my OCD (as a child i organized my t-shirts by color and my stuffed animals by species and size. and not much has really changed,) but these photos make me so happy. seeing everything in its rightful place just delights me. i haven't watched Wehrli's ted talk yet, but the mocking, self-conscious humor that seems evident in this series makes me think he and I are on the same OCD (or CDO, for those who really understand me on this,) wavelength.

(sparkling here)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

return... to macarons

well, i've been back from le tour de europe for a little over two weeks now and am still overwhelmed at all the beauty and culture i encountered across the pond. hopefully i'll be able to post some pictures and videos of my own soon. however, while i'm still processing (my thoughts and photographs alike,) i thought i'd share this delightful video, originally seen on this beaut' of a tumblr.

to me, this just screams sophistication... not to mention immense deliciousness. oh to be able to make my very own salted caramel macarons!! just toss in a move to paris and my life would be complete.

(sparkling here)