Monday, September 19, 2011

the art-affectionado's ocd dream

in this project, The Art of Clean Up, Ursus Wehrli takes ordinary objects and "cleans them up," organizing them by size, color and type. this brilliant series follows on the heels of Wehrli's successful Tidying Up of Art and More Tidying Up of Art, in which he resituated well known pieces of art, like Van Gogh's "The Bedroom," and compiled the pictures into books.

it may just be my OCD (as a child i organized my t-shirts by color and my stuffed animals by species and size. and not much has really changed,) but these photos make me so happy. seeing everything in its rightful place just delights me. i haven't watched Wehrli's ted talk yet, but the mocking, self-conscious humor that seems evident in this series makes me think he and I are on the same OCD (or CDO, for those who really understand me on this,) wavelength.

(sparkling here)

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