Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wedding week: the royal couple

i've had a really long day at work, so i'm lacking the energy for words, but here are some lovely (albeit over-used) images of the royal couple:

(wills & kate sparkling here and here)

and a video interview done directly after their engagement announcement:

i don't know if it's just their charming british accents or because they're (a day and a half away from 100%) royalty, but i just love their poise, happiness, relaxed nature and am totally mesmerized by kate--she's so pretty! i just can't wait to see them get married.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

wedding week: royal tea

it should come as no surprise that i am eagerly awaiting the royal wedding. (i'm so committed that i'm actually watching it live. that's 1 am here on the west coast. crazy? probably. impressive? definitely.) so when destiny suggested i do a wedding-themed week and royal wedding re-cap, it was like she was reading my mind.

i hope you're ready.

so apparently, my mother and her friends are as ridiculous as i am regarding this issue, as they are going to be having a royal wedding tea party. i am simultaneously dubious and jealous of this idea. BUT, if it happens, and if I could be there, this is what i would drink:

(sparkling here via here. and only £ 4.95)

and this is what i would drink it out of:

(sparkling here. and only £ 12)

Monday, April 25, 2011

wedding week: point 16

i've found the most amazing wedding venue ever. i'm basically speechless, it's that perfect.

feast your eyes on point 16, in beautiful big sur, california:

(wedding perfection sparkling here)

unfortunately, more information about the location (or pictures documenting its gorgeousity!) is rather difficult to find. anyone out there know anything about it?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"look at me!...

... i'm sandra-dee!"

(sandy sparkling here)

Monday, April 18, 2011

skinny love

(Bon Iver - Skinny Love - Une Soiree de Poche sparkling via La Blogotheque via Vimeo)

i'm kind of breaking my own rules of having an aesthetics-only-focused blog, but whatever, i make the rules, i break the rules. plus. this is beautiful.

and i'm not even a hipster.


i know what spelunking is, i know what a spelunker does, but i don't know if spelunk is actually a word.

that red spell check squiggly line just popped up, so i'm guessing not, but i'm gonna stick with "spelunk" anyways. you know why? because it makes caves sound fun and not scary.

i am terrified of caves. well actually, i am terrified of bats, and more specifically being stuck in small, enclosed spaces with bats. i actually think caves themselves are pretty cool. especially this one, the world's biggest "underground labyrinth," Son Doong, in Vietnam:

(son doong sparkling here)

it seriously looks awesome. sign me up! but only if nat geo can guarantee my visit will be 100% bat free.

Friday, April 15, 2011


i'm so in love with this commercial, it's out of control. wicked creative ad for some delish yogurt. and i want to marry that voice.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

words of wisdom

(mary oliver sparkling here via here)

(max gibson's gospel sparkling here)

can i get an amen?

this week has been insane at work, so much so that i feel like i've barely had time to breathe. but that's not all bad. i like to be busy. and these words of wisdom have certainly helped the week fly by.

Monday, April 11, 2011

the prettiest cooking video ever

sarah from My New Roots has introduced a new series of instructional cooking video and the first one is, as far as instructional cooking videos go, completely to die for. it's short and sweet, and makes cooking quinoa look more than manageable. i can't wait to see the next one!

My New Roots - How to Cook Quinoa from My New Roots on Vimeo.

**if the video doesn't appear, have no fear, just hit refresh on your browser

peach, ecru & coral

nothing makes you yearn for the sun like peach, coral and white. add a cool drink and a good book, and summer's almost here...

(peach-colored flowers sparkling here via here)

(off-white smoky alice skirt sparkling here)

(coral and gold necklace sparkling here)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

bahamas wedding

as i mentioned in an earlier post, i am completely smitten with weddings. i've actually only been to a few of them, and was the flower girl in most of those, so sometimes i feel like a real poseur with all this wedding obsession, but then again it might be my lack of experience that's responsible for my fascination. in any case, the weddings that i most enjoy looking at and reading about, and the ones i think i'd most like to attend have this in common: they take place outdoors, are intimate and relaxed, and involve pretty flowers in mason jars. with these factors in mind, it's easy to say there are few weddings i've come across that i haven't liked at least a little bit.

BUT for some reason i've just never been a proponent of the destination wedding. i guess i have this idea of a destination wedding being frivolous or superficial or cliche. hello your wedding is supposed to be special--but it's not a vacation.

this post from once wed changed my mind. it's a day-before-the-wedding-reception, so not exactly the same as a destination wedding, but still. awesome.

(bahamas wedding sparkling here)

Friday, April 1, 2011

milan for the weekend?

totally loving the romance, sophistication and sexiness of this shot. here's hoping you look this good on a friday night.

(sparkling here)


two nights ago i finished an agonizing application.

one night ago i celebrated at a karaoke bar.

today is friday (tomorrow is saturday), i am recovering from said karaoke and it is 60 degrees out.

for these reaons i am totally blog-cheating by stealing this post. but at least i'm admitting it. and at least what i'm cheating with is one of the more awesome things ever.

READY? . . . BOOM!

LIBERTY NIKES. starting today. i would totally break my no-hi-tops rule for a pair of these sweet kicks.

i want.

too bad they're already sold out.