Friday, February 3, 2012

video games

i know lana del rey is old news. she's been hyped-up and she's been ripped down. but her album (finally!) dropped on tuesday and say what you will about her big lips or her shaky snl performance... her music is pretty amazing. it's haunting, sexy and catchy and that's not a combination you find everyday, folks.

when her video for the single "video games" was leaked last fall i must have watched it 20-plus times. i'd given it a rest up until this week when i got to listen to the rest of the "born to die" album. there are some major songs ("radio" is a favorite) and after listening to them all on repeat, i just had to return once again to the "video games" video.

the nostalgia of these retro clips, combined with her undeniable beauty and that smoky voice is just bewitching.

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