Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wedding week: the royal couple

i've had a really long day at work, so i'm lacking the energy for words, but here are some lovely (albeit over-used) images of the royal couple:

(wills & kate sparkling here and here)

and a video interview done directly after their engagement announcement:

i don't know if it's just their charming british accents or because they're (a day and a half away from 100%) royalty, but i just love their poise, happiness, relaxed nature and am totally mesmerized by kate--she's so pretty! i just can't wait to see them get married.


  1. YESSSSS i am obsessed!!!! also, i want to smackety-smack all the people on my twitter feed who are whining about how they don't care about the royal wedding because i am just SO EXCITED. SO EXCITED.

  2. may 2 new yorker cover, so appropriate.