Tuesday, April 26, 2011

wedding week: royal tea

it should come as no surprise that i am eagerly awaiting the royal wedding. (i'm so committed that i'm actually watching it live. that's 1 am here on the west coast. crazy? probably. impressive? definitely.) so when destiny suggested i do a wedding-themed week and royal wedding re-cap, it was like she was reading my mind.

i hope you're ready.

so apparently, my mother and her friends are as ridiculous as i am regarding this issue, as they are going to be having a royal wedding tea party. i am simultaneously dubious and jealous of this idea. BUT, if it happens, and if I could be there, this is what i would drink:

(sparkling here via here. and only £ 4.95)

and this is what i would drink it out of:

(sparkling here. and only £ 12)

1 comment:

  1. i SO wish we could watch this together. i'm not near as wedding-obsessed as you are, and i'm still so excited for apr 29 @ 4 am .