Tuesday, May 17, 2011


have you guessed yet?!? well, the weekend has long been over, so i guess it's about time i tell y'all where the heck i was at 6 am on friday...

i was at the 37th annual walla walla balloon stampede!! it's the biggest hot air balloon rally in washington state and it is just plain awesome. i helped a balloon take off this year, but for some reason my pictures are not uploading correctly, so i've posted pictures from last year instead. take a look...

(air being blown into the balloon by a fan)

(and some hot air post-liftoff)

(triangular balloon-made by hand)

(my absolute fave.)

(a peek through the trees)

(the best part is when they all liftoff and are in the air flying around together--there they go!)

(total magic.)

**all photos my own

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