Monday, May 9, 2011

wedding week: the main event

(official--and creepy--family photo sparkling here)

SO through an alarm clock snafu i somehow slept through most of the wedding, which was disappointing to say the least. i woke up around 4, in time to see the procession and the balcony kiss in real time though, which was somewhat rewarding. and, since i went to bed at the ungodly hour of 9:30, i was able to stay awake until 7 to watch all of the recordings, which means i still watched it before most people. so hah! (and yes, the gloating really was half the point of watching it in real-time anyway.)

in any case, i loved it. the only disappointment to me was the lack of romanticism in the actual wedding. i appreciate the traditionalism of the ceremony and everything, but with two people as in love as kate and wills seem to be, i just kept wishing they were allowed to speak to each other, to touch each other... all of the things we typically think of as paramount in weddings. that said, it was still an amazing affair.

kate looked beautiful as ever, if not exceptionally so. both of her mcqueen dresses were amazing:

(kate's ceremony mcqueen sparkling here)

(kate's reception mcqueen sparkling here)

pippa looked beautiful as well. i'm sure bridesmaids everywhere were green with envy (no pun intended):

(pippa in mcqueen sparkling here)

(pippa in temperley sparkling here)

i especially loved how happy william and harry looked. you could tell they definitely have that strong, brotherly bond:

(brothers and chums sparkling here)

westminster abbey looked so pretty with those trees lining the aisle:

(a lovely venue sparkling here)

some of the royal cousins looked hilarious in their outfits and matching hats:

(a royal misstep sparkling here)

and i just love these two photos:

(kids being kids sparkling here)

(little miss grumpy pants sparkling here)

i know it wasn't a big deal to everyone in the world, and rightly so, but for me it sure was a fun escape from the real world. now i just have to sit here and wait for harry's turn.

p.s. details on the delicious reception (including why kate and i are the same person)
p.p.s. pippa's ridiculous job offer

**yes, this post is exceedingly tardy and quasi-irrelevant, seeing as the wedding was over a week ago. but still, i had to deliver.

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  1. my god. i've been waiting and WAITING for this post.