Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ooh la la temperley

to say that i am obsessed with weddings would be an understatement. i can spend three hours straight on weddinggawker, no sweat. and after months upon months of searching through literally thousands of weddings on various blogs, i found my absolute dream wedding.** little did i know that i had also found my dream designer. while i'll wait until later this week to share that gem of a wedding, i couldn't help but investigate further into the designs of alice temperley. i just love the ephemeral, loose, light, goddess-like look of these dresses.

(long cylia dress)

(long aurelea dress)

(long jean dress 2)

(long pheobe dress)

** just to clarify, i am not engaged and there is absolutely no logical reason i should be as obsessed as i am. i think i really scare my boyfriend sometimes.


  1. it's thursday. i'm ready to see that gem of a wedding.