Wednesday, June 1, 2011

south african wedding

if i'm being perfectly honest, there are usually only three things that make me fall in love with a wedding: a delightful attention to detail in the ceremony as well as the reception, the overwhelming attractiveness of the couple (you do too, admit it!), or the undeniable beauty of the location. very rarely can i find all three of these factors in one single wedding.

however, the first time i saw this wedding i was dumbstruck. i couldn't figure out why--it contained all things necessary on my "drool-worthy wedding" checklist, but there was something else too. i bookmarked the post and forgot about it until today, and upon reexamination i've realized what makes this wedding oh so special--it's the raw emotion conveyed through the photos. so kudos to rebecca and bruce of love made visible--you guys sure know how to capture the moment. take a look...

love the industrial feel of the barbed wire combined with the sublime beauty of the south african landscape.

proteas! be still my heart!

succulents and proteas and mismatched vases, oh my!

such fun colors here.

colorful garland--a sign of good times.

seriously handsome, right?

the bride's pose here really sets the mood for the relaxed nature of the wedding, i think.

lace dress--so classic. wildflowers and proteas--so fun.

enter: pomegranates. and adorable self-made(!) sandals.

i'm obsessed with this one.

and this one.

here's that emotion i was talking about.

so sweet and personal.

gotta love jumping pictures. got to.

with a dress like that, who could resist sunset shots like these. gorgeous.

i swoon.

the kind of moments everyone wants memorialized through film.

congrats to katrien and marinus!

(all sparkling here via here)

i (clearly) love everything about this wedding. the backdrop, the flowers, the tablescapes, the dress!, everything. this is my rustic, relaxed, diy dream wedding. i think the real glory must go to the photographers here though. thank you, love made visible, for this lovely gift.


  1. the song that was sung at this wedding

  2. this is beautiful! thanks so much for sharing.