Wednesday, June 8, 2011

wedding wednesday: reem arca bridal collection

i've decided that my wedding obsession can't really be ignored on this blog another moment. (ok. so it wasn't really being ignored before--or here, here, here or here. or here too-- but let's just say it's time for some spotlighting!) thus, from this day forward, wednesday will become... get ready for the originality... "Wedding Wednesday"!!! as you can imagine, i will be posting real engagements, weddings, decorations, invitations, venues, and as i've done today, dresses!

like most girls, i've dreamed of my wedding dress forever, but as this post attests, i cannot narrow it down to one particular style. then again, with gowns this pretty, who could blame me??


(all reem arca gowns sparkling here)

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