Tuesday, June 14, 2011

business as usual.

hello! i'm back from my trip home to the bay area. it was such a great weekend, but ultimately bittersweet in that having such a fantastic time makes leaving again that much harder. fortunately, i am not too far away from home and will only be up in washington for another month before making the (at least semi-) permanent move back.

because my camera was sort of out of commission, i was only able to take pictures on my super high-quality blackberry camera, so while i won't be able to post any photos from the trip, i'll just let you know that i:
  • sat through the worst baseball game ever. (3 runs walked-in, giants? really??) but still had a really great time.
  • had some seriously quality bonding time with my mom. she's the best.
  • got to see my wonderful boyfriend and have a relaxing night out with him.
  • met my family's new (and first) dog, rowley, the cutest, sweetest papillon-long haired chihuahua mix ever. i am obsessed.
so yeah, pretty awesome. much like this shot:

(sparkling here via here)

be back tomorrow for Wedding Wednesday!!

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